It’s time for recognition!

Deborah Mazoudier, Founder

Deborah Mazoudier, Founder

Welcome to Tender Plus Skills. The first Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia to design and deliver a nationally accredited qualification in Business Development and Tendering.

Nearly 18 years ago, I fell into tendering. I was working for a legal not for profit organisation and I had to apply on its behalf to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to manage a court reform project in Indonesia. I had never been through a procurement process before nor responded compliantly and convincingly to a tender document. I had never drafted a project sheet or CV before, detailed an approach and methodology, let alone determined the budget and resources to deliver a successful project. But I did it, we won, and I was hooked. Tendering was my thing!

But there was no qualification for me to learn how to be a successful tenderer. Combined with Bachelor degrees in Arts and Law and a Master of Applied Anthropology, I took the analytical skills I had and combined them with work experience, commercial exposure, and the insights of those around me to grow into an expert in the field. To grow into a professional determined to help others to win competitive business. I have done this for the last 10 years as an independent consultant and through Tender Plus Consulting. I have differentiated my business on the basis that tendering successfully requires so much more than sales, marketing and communications skills.

A few years ago, I decided it was time that tendering be recognised as a unique discipline that requires knowledge, understanding and application of a complex and diverse skill set. A skill set involving relationship building, leadership, facilitation, strategy and analysis, project management, commercial acumen, human resource management, sales, marketing and communications.

As no qualification existed in Australia to create that recognition and a “certification” or unaccredited training was not enough, I decided to do something about it.



To foster recognition of business development and tendering as a unique discipline.



To provide a holistic, high quality, nationally accredited, and industry endorsed qualification in business development and tendering.



Advocacy - be a voice for business development and tendering professionals

Integrity - create genuine value through our qualification

Expertise - offer quality expertise in the discipline and in skills development

Tenacity - strive for so much more, always


10667NAT Diploma of Business Development and Tendering.

I have designed this Diploma specifically for business development and tendering professionals. It is the first ever nationally accredited qualification of its kind in Australia.

It is a qualification that will allow people to gain the applied skills and understanding they need and to be or become an expert in tendering. They will gain a foundation on which to build or a reinvigoration of the skill set required to be an expert in this niche discipline. It is a qualification designed to assist individuals to be and organisations to create the experts they need to succeed in competitive business.